Understanding Inferences Fun Deck App Reviews

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As an elementary school English as a second language teacher, I love Super Duper Fun Decks. Pictures are an indispensable tool for learning language. The pictures in this Fun Deck are a springboard for language production and comprehension. Teachers can use the images in conjunction with a sentence frame in order to structure and extend the students' responses. Sometimes I project the "card" from the iPad onto a screen and we play as a whole group. Other times I use the app to work with a smaller group of students so I can closely monitor their language production and listen to them explain their thinking. In whole group playing, student partners can confer with each other write their answers on a small white board. I award points for the correct answer AND for the partners explaining why they made the answer choice. Either way has the advantage of triggering metacognition as students have to explain their thinking. The teacher can also keep score within the app of the students' correct/incorrect responses. The colorful app keeps the students engaged and learning!

Nice pictures, not practical for teachers.

I am a Teacher and I was looking for an app my students could use independently while I worked with other kids. This is not it. I am very disappointed. You need to have an independent mode where kids can choose the correct answer. I also don't like the negative sound it makes if you are testing them and mark them wrong. I think the sounds would be important if they were playing by themselves. Overall nice pictures but not very useful.

Not Worth It

The pictures looked like this would be a great game to help kids make inferences, however, it does not give them the answer. It assumes you are next to them logging if it is the right answer or not. Also not very user friendly navigation. Too much money for no real return.


I already have the Super Duper "Inferences" Fun Deck. Why would I need this??!!!??? I expected a more interactive, interesting presentation... Not just a series of the same old cards. Come on, Super Duper--You can do better!


This app is just like the flash cards. I wish that the data would print the questions the child missed and the questions correct. Also graphs would be nice to show progress from session to session. The description is accurate and the app does what it is supposed to do. With these updates, it would be a great app.

Not worth the money.

Just picture cards. No animations or interactive features. Random combination of topics.

Great app

Love this app for artic carry over, using pronouns, sentence formulation and many other things in addition to inferences.

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